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Beyond a collection, ODORE SCOLA dares to deconstruct in order to reconstruct better. And if YOU were at the origin of an assembly that looks like you. A unique fragrant blend, by and for you, then another, also unique, by you for her or for him, then yet another, unique too, again, by you, for another place, another place, another atmosphere … ODORE SCOLA accompanies you to associate, mix, create a perfume for each and everyone.

My Workshop Box
My Workshop Box
My Workshop Box

My Workshop Box

Introduction to the art of formulation

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ODORE SCOLA is above all a school of smells.
While staying at home, we invite you to learn the art of formulation to create the perfume step by step of your interior. One, two, three... perfumes according to your mood, seasons, desires, a perfume for each room of the house, for each surface, floor, glass, furniture, cupboards... fabrics, pads, wood, stone, air …

Let's imagine... Let's imagine a Basilisca, "a fresh and citrusy basil" which is born from the blending of a citrus juice and a bowl of mint basil, or Alabaster, "a bouquet of white flowers" elegantly deconstructed into a floral bouquet stripped of its peppery ginger accord. So it's up to you to create a flower with herbaceous notes of basil or a citrus fruit deeply rooted in ginger and pepper... The range of weight/weight combinations available to you becomes infinite... and again, if Basilisca were enriched with a bouquet floral? And if ? and if ? Come and play with us, share your creations, enrich your sensory space, for art an inner well-being in harmony with your creativity and your mood of the moment...

Equipment at your disposal:

  • 6 themed dropper flasks. Themes: White Flowers, Spicy Ginger, Citrus and Basil but also 2 soliflores from our Ribes nigrum and Rosarium collection (100% French, made in Montpellier).
  • 12 empty vials with caps and adhesive labels for formulation testing
  • A set of 40 keys to feel
  • 1 Table of formulation and olfactory description to complete
  • 1 Set of 6 descriptive cards
  • 1 spray bottle for your favorite composition
- 1 Formulation table
- 1 Set of 6 descriptive cards
- 1 vaporizer
- 6 dropper bottles
- 12 empty vials with caps and adhesive labels
- A set of 40 keys to feel
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