derivative products

Thanks to our network of partners and our ever-increasing desire to find new efficient media, we pre-select the most innovative olfactory products for you. And if you want small quantities, eco-responsible products? No problem, ODORE SCOLA® adapts to your request.

air diffusion system

Air diffusion system

Connected air diffusion of your fragrance and your choice of technology: dry diffusion or nebulization.


Opt for connected air diffusion of your fragrance and choose your technology: dry diffusion or nebulization.

Perfuming a space requires (once the perfume has been developed) choosing the most efficient diffusion method. appropriate. Part of our expertise therefore consists in evaluating the volatility and the hold of the fragrance in order to adapt it to the material chosen: solid diffusion or diffusion by nebulization.

Plus: All our diffusion devices are connected to our servers and via an interface for each of our customers. 100% made in France.

scented candles

scented candles

Our candles are made in France from vegetable, mineral or animal wax such as beeswax.


Candles, natural cotton wicks, glass, terracotta or iron containers, round, square, small or XL...

The ODORE SCOLA team is there to advise and support you so that you make the best choice for your customers.

perfume bottles

Scented products

Designing signature perfumes, colognes, haute-couture juices, eau de toilette or floral fragrances… that is our expertise.



Room sprays can be personalized with your brand or for a specific private request (B2B and B2C). Make your choice for sizes: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml and even 10ml for the discovery format (sample).


Designing designer perfumes, colognes, haute-couture juices, eau de toilette or floral fragrances, mists with pretty subtle notes,… that is our expertise. We are at your disposal to design and shape your beautiful olfactory ideas.

The plus: an alcohol-free version of each product can also be designed for children under 3 years old.

cosmetic products

Cosmetic products

Shower gel, hand cream, soap… We can create a multitude of cosmetics with your scent.



Dispensers or small models, our fragrances are part of the qualitative offer of luxury hotels. The design of hospitality products is part of our skills and we are associated with the more ecological (and economical) approach of the dispenser for washing products, which is increasingly trendy.


Moisturizing cream, body milk, hand balm, sunscreen, we can develop a whole range of products with or without active ingredient (anti -age, delicate skin…).

Perfume beads

Scented balls

Innovative technology that allows scented scents to develop where you least expect them, like vacuum cleaner balls in a hotel.


Housekeeping services finally have beautiful fragrances within reach of vacuum cleaners!

Tribute to dry technology, perfect for medium-sized spaces such as shops, public transport or cars. The perfume concentrates are pure, without alcohol or solvent and are released without emitting other particles. This innovative technology makes it possible to develop fragrant scents where they are not expected, such as the balls of vacuum cleaners in order to subtly perfume rooms or to incorporate even in cushions.

communication media

Communication media

Your communication media will never have been so attractive! How about being able to flavor them?



This is an amazing medium that can seduce your customers or your brand. Nice wink! Depending on the quality and size of the ceramic, this can be considered as goodies or a real product intended for sale. ODORE SCOLA works specifically with the factories of Limoges for these chiseled creations which are reperfumed to infinity;


You can't imagine all this what we can do for you. A presentation brochure, a press kit, a business or postal card, an advertising page in a magazine, a personalized bookmark or even your letterhead, scented with a fragrance designed especially for your brand. What a lovely way to stand out! Another innovative technique: perfume the paper with an olfactory varnish or through a micro-encapsulation of the pantone color of your brand. So chic!


Perfume notice… on car sticker, phone or computer case, POS, signage in your room meeting or in the waiting room, magnetic objects, wine bottle caps or even a license plate... the repertoire is as endless as your ideas!


Textile products

Perfuming curtains, cushions, textiles of all kinds, detergent, fabric softener... The range of materials continues to grow.

tramway of Montpellier

Public transport

Travelling by public transport has never been so pleasant. A real plus thanks to the dry technology.

Household products

Spring cleaning

It's also possible to use your scent in your cleaning products! Liquid soap, dish or floor cleaner…

chocolate and infusion


Bite into your favorite perfume! Translating your olfactory signature into aromatic language is also our job.

laboratoire de recherche et d'innovation

Open innovation

You got it, your craziest ideas resonate with ODORE SCOLA. Come introduce them to us. Our R&D department will study the feasibility of your dream and perform a real-life scenario. Some have already been realized, such as the diffusion of fragrances in the tramways of the city of Montpellier, as part of a pilot project

let's realize your projects together


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