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olfactory marketing

olfactory marketing

olfactory marketing

Smell is the most neglected of all our senses, and yet it is the one that best expresses the intuitive, empirical and poetic dimensions. It is a major ingredient, directly linked to our memory which directly affects our emotions.

In the hyper-visual, digitalized world in which we live, the olfactory sense allows us to reconnect with reality and our environment, but also to improve brand recognition.
Scent marketing has many benefits that can help improve the customer experience, increase sales and build customer loyalty.



As part of an olfactory marketing strategy, three points of contact with a fragrance in a place are enough to identify and inscribe the fragrance in the customer's mind.

In the hotel world , these are check-in, check-out and the bathroom with personalized cosmetic products for example.

It has been verified that the olfactory experience memorized by the customer promotes greater interactivity and reinforces the emotional connection he will have with the brand or place.



The intrigue generated by the implementation of an olfactory device frequently leads non-loyal consumers to become interested in the brand. Capturing new customers is a priority for brands today. For the faithful, this new comfort zone facilitates a longer stay in the catchment area and, as a result, encourages the act of purchasing.

Through olfactory marketing, smells can therefore influence behaviors in both meaningful and subtle ways.



Olfactory marketing offers a new opportunity to differentiate yourself and strengthen your unique image. To create emotional olfactory signatures, we delve into the subjective experience of emotional potential, that of a memory evoked by an odor. Once the trails have been deployed, only memory continues the olfactory dream.

Our goal: to listen to you in order to design together your “Madeleine” by Proust.



Through a fragrance, the scented object offers added value. Brand valorization, particularly for a hotel which will thus stand out from its competitors through this olfactory atmosphere to which is added financial valorization through the sale of additional scented products (candle, room spray or cosmetics).

By associating a personalized perfume with a brand, it can strengthen its notoriety and recognition beyond the purely visual dimension. Olfactory marketing therefore allows for real brand differentiation.

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our memory

Men are capable of recognizing a thousand billion different smells. (Study by Andreas Keller et al. Science 2014, 343, 1370).

The objective of the olfactory marketing strategy is to understand your positioning, anticipate your olfactory strategy and its influence, and transcribe as best as possible the the image that you want to disseminate.

Bringing this “invisible” and essential dimension is our challenge.

The design of a brand, a company or its product, must be today visual, audible but also olfactory. “Sensorialization” through olfactory has today become essential, a key marketing element.


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