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ODORE SCOLA works, experiments, composes, formulates in the secrecy of its private laboratory attached to the University of Montpellier. There, combining ancestral recipes for smells and perfumes at the forefront of the latest scientific progress, pharmacist, chemist, artist, historian, advertiser, marketer, journalist combine their knowledge with the enthusiasm of young students to rediscover the magic of authentic olfactory exchanges .

From the shadow of the laboratory to the sun of the nearby scrubland, these magicians bring together all knowledge and form a school to restore the memory of its history to Montpellier.

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If the perfume creation houses place at the epicenter a NOSE, a unique mysterious character whose fragrant formulas are coveted, at ODORE SCOLA, these are noses, nostrils, olfactory bulbs, gray cells, optic nerves, dermal and cardiac cells that orchestrate the compositions.

At ODORE SCOLA we are committed to making it known that a perfume, an aroma, a scent, an assembly of odorants is co-constructed on a collective intelligence, real participatory creation that goes beyond our team with and for our customers, with and for each and everyone. In equal measure, we find the assembly techniques which are the fruit of Montpellier university know-how.

A nose ? NO ! A team YES , mostly female, university professor, chemist, pharmacist, source botanists, perfumer, flavourist, artist, marketer, writer, …

Faced with infox and other fake news, perfume has become a guilty pleasure... Our duty is to inform, to disseminate our knowledge, to exchange, to learn again and again, to to understand, to transmit... with you during our workshops. It's up to us to give you the pleasure of creating mindfully, it's up to us to share our professions, our ideas, it's up to us to understand your concerns and guide you, it's up to us to allow you to create your perfume or rather your perfumes.

Who would be able to know your inspirations and your tastes better than you? What if these olfactory desires changed between morning and evening, between the kitchen and the bedroom, between the floor and the wardrobe? It's up to us to teach you how to create as many perfumes as there are inspirations for guilt-free pleasure at every moment.

Artisanat Français

OUR backstage

They participate in all the key stages...
A passionate team, committed but above all proud to carry the values of Atelier Odore Scola.</ p>

Équipe Arthur Dupuy

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