bannière eau de montpellier

eau de Montpellier

bannière eau de montpellier

eau de Montpellier

histoire eau de montpellier


A true invitation to travel.
Singular fragrances that echo this Mediterranean city and the history that it has woven, since the Middle Ages, with the trading posts of a mysterious, purveyor of the Orient. odoriferous substances. Embark on a trip to the Mediterranean!

eau de montpellier bougies parfumees

Olfactory dreams that are revealed in the light of the flame.
Candles made from natural plant waxes and 100% Made in France.

Scented clouds to reveal original and addictive notes.
Perfumes made from alcohol of natural origin and 100% Made in France.

home fragrances

Eau de Montpellier unfolds in eleven fragrances, each as unique as the next. Basilisca, Nubes, Solanum, Langurium... are all olfactory dreams that awaken in the light of the flame or a few fragrant clouds. They strive to restore the uniqueness of Montpellier.

Memories of childhood, trips to the seaside, the fragrant heat of the scrublands, a solar bouquet born from fresh herbaceous and liquorice spices, incense impregnated in the stone of religious buildings, oriental scrolls and balsams which recall the spice route, such as cocoa beans, vanilla, musks or carnal amber…

It is a meditative dive into the vibrant past of this city which is intertwined with the prestigious history of perfumes, that of the singular compositions of the master apothecaries-perfumers of Montpellier which the Courts of Europe loved.

Today, Odore Scola reconnects with this past so closely linked to olfactory creativity, an invitation to travel, a timeless sensory journey, a collection of candles and room fragrances, enriched with some body elixirs to be discovered very soon.


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