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Perfumed Duo Nubes
Perfumed Duo Nubes
Perfumed Duo Nubes

Perfumed Duo Nubes

In the heart of the Eastern desert, an unusual marine and mineral wave

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The essentials of a designer and fragrant interior gathered in a gift box to slip under the tree.

A scented candle for a cocooning moment, a home fragrance for a prolonged wake that will sublimate your interior and your textiles with a few scented notes.


It is a misty day in the desert, carried by two worlds with different scents and which, however, charm and fly away in an unusual combination.
The Orient, the sublime, which unfolds a magnificent fragrant benzoin , a deep myrrh, some smoke of incense, a hint of intense patchouli, sumptuous essences of guaiac which then blend elegantly with a fragrant wave of unusual and refreshing accents, salty and mineral notes which come from the sea and give the fragrance a dazzling expression with an oriental note.

A luxurious, sumptuous and soothing fragrance. 

Scents: Benzoin - Myrrh - Frankincense - Patchouli - Guaiac wood - Mineral - Marine

Spray Height
Spray Diameter
Candle Height
Candle Diameter
Burning time
40 to 50 hours
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Once upon a time...


The Orient. This legendary and historic birthplace of the most symbolic essences makes of these lands an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
Golden sandy dunes, hot, dry and mysterious, spiritual and addictive scents, raw woods, metals and oils, spices and balms, gem stones and jewelries, between darkness and lightness, desert and sea, softness and intensity …

A hazy day in the desert. A cross between two worlds that by their essence are opposed. Two different scent worlds in an unusual combination. The Orient in all its original splendor: an extremely enveloping blend of odorant benzoin, deep myrrh, smoky frankincense, intense patchouli and sumptuous guaiac essences. A wave of intense refreshing accents: sea, salty and mineral notes to offer a dazzling expression to the oriental opus.



Make sure the wick is straight so that the wax can melt evenly.

Place the candle away from draughts to avoid black smoke.


Light your candle and wait for the entire surface to liquefy before extinguishing it, this will prevent unsightly dimples from forming.

Do not allow the last cm of wax to burn through to avoid overheating the glass.

Also, do not burn the candle for more than one hour without supervision.


Put the wick back in its original place.

If the wick is too long, do not hesitate to cut it, even during the burning process.

Remember to clean the glass wall regularly with an alcohol-free product to avoid soot accumulation.

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